Puissamment privé Plus de frais de données liés au téléchargement de contenu indésirable. Accéder au mode Backstage et cliquez sur Nouveau. Groove dispose également d’un système d’alertes, configurable à l’échelle de chaque espace de travail et de chaque outil dans un espace de travail, et permettant d’être notifié de toute modification apportée sur les données par un autre membre de l’espace. Politique de confidentialité À propos de Wikipédia Avertissements Contact Développeurs Déclaration sur les témoins cookies Version mobile. Cet article décrit comment:. Vous trouverez des instructions de ligne de commande dans l’article de la Base de connaissances Commutateurs de ligne de commande pour des packages d’auto-extraction Microsoft KB éventuellement en anglais. Il collecte donc des données, selon des scénarios prédéfinis, et permet ainsi d’établir des indicateurs consolidés sur les pratiques dans l’entreprise.

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EXE processes, one for each application. Accéder au mode Backstage et cliquez sur Nouveau. Nous n’encourageons pas l’utilisation de ce logiciel s’il est en violation avec l’une de ces lois. Votre évaluation de Microsoft SharePoint Workspace -. Groove s’appuie dans ce cas sur un composant appelé Serveur Relais Groove, dont la vocation est de stocker temporairement les informations devant être synchronisées. Vous pouvez aussi double-cliquer sur chaque document pour en télécharger le contenu.

Folder Sync, now called SkyDrive Pro allows you to sync a document library from a SharePoint server to your client and expose it through Windows Explorer. There is no peer tool in Office Office will allow for a side-by-side installation with Office This will allow current workspaces to woekspace operation using SharePoint Workspace Office and Office can be installed in a side by side scenario. The most information Workzpace can find in a public source is here: In brief, peer-to-peer Groove features are being dropped in Office to tighten 2031 focus on SharePoint, but you may be able to continue to run SharePoint Workspace with Office Office will have an application called SkyDrive Pro.

This allows you to sync document libraries only sharepoiht client and sever. You can read more information about the feature set on the SharePoint Blog:. Understand that the feature set is not final at this stage and until the product is released nothing is absolute. We are currently looking into exactly what this is. I believe this is simply labeled incorrectly. You can reference this article for the feature set and deprications in Office I have confirmed that the product that is being updated by KB is Sky Drive Pro and that the article has labeled incorrectly.

We are working on getting this corrected.

Sharepoint Workspace – does it exist and

You can review the previous posts for more information. I have an application our Salesmen use and they take custom lists offline. Is there a replacement for this? I have heard of the SkyDrive Pro, but that only syncs documents, correct?

sharepoint workspace 2013

I would appreciate any additional information. We are using Office with Workspace SharePoint Workspace will work with SharePoint servers. For use with SharePoint Online, you need — at minimum — the hotfix from August Wprkspace, because of other issues that have been fixed since, I recommend installing the February or April hotfixes from this year.


SharePoint Workspace hotfixes are cumulative, so when you install one, you have all earlier ones. The April one is here: To find the most recent SharePoint Workspace hotfix approved for a cumulative update at some time in the future, use this search and look for the dates:.

Many thanks for your speedy answer on this one. Thank you for a very clear answer on this. I will get that applied and see what impact shwrepoint has on our issue. Actually not on next sync but within 10mins or so. I am now the only person using Workspace btw. I am moving files that another user has had a problem with. Yes, I’m familiar with that issue.

It’s one of the reasons that I suggest the latest hotfix! Basically, there are certain operations such as dragging a folder out and back in using Explorer view that function behind the scenes as deleting and recreating the folder, which changes some of its metadata. Now it looks to see if can find a folder that matches the name and other criteria.

So the first thing to try is the most recent hotfix. If the problem still occurs, see if anything is changing about the folder structure in normal SharePoint operations. I’m not sure if the fixes work, for example, if workspqce creator of workspacd folder changes. Just spent the last 4 days trying to upgrade my office tono information on upgrade pages about what to do for sharepoint.

Office help desk said it was a different product and didn’t know how to upgrade it. In the meantime trying to run my sharepoint workspace alongside office – it doesnt work – system slows to a complete crawl and is unusable.

Finally got hold of sharepoint support this afternoon, they confirmed that workspace and web based sharepoint are not compatible and that there will be a whole series of issues.

Was told how to remove workspace and clear cache and then sync using Skydrive Pro.

sharepoint workspace 2013

Our workspace sites holds about 10, files and is about 13Gb – not large but needs to be sync’d on my colleagues laptops so they can access without being connected to the internet and then sync changes later. Have now realised that Skydrive Pro is not a professional syncing device but is really meant for a few files used frequently. The sharepoint library I have used virtually everyday for the last two years cannot be synced to my laptop.

Unless Microsoft are about to launhc a new update to greatly expand the capacity and capability of Skydrive pro I will have to revert bback to and prevent any of my colleagues upgrading. This was a priority in beta, as we realized some customers would still require list sync.

I am in the escalation group for both products.

Microsoft Office Groove — Wikipédia

If Office help cannot resolve this, please have them open a supplemental problem with us, so that we can assist. I would recommend at least these updates to use the two programs together:. Note that SharePoint Workspace must be installed and configured before you install Office desktop applications. This is generally true for any case of running Office applications of two versions; they must be set up in release order. I am doing this to several on-prem and Office systems.


It is the reverse client to server that does not work. For folks like me who have been beating their head against a wall for hours trying to figure getting folders and syncing done. Ce site utilise des cookies pour l’analyse, ainsi que pour les contenus et publicités personnalisés. En continuant à naviguer sur ce site, vous acceptez cette utilisation.

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Rechercher les threads apparentés. Remove From My Forums. Meilleur auteur de réponses. Will there be a new version of Sharepoint Workspace when Office 15 is released?

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If so, will it include the capability of syncing « Groove Standard Workspaces »? Modifié dcraw jeudi 19 juillet Proposé comme réponse Martin Reichelt lundi 12 novembre Just to be clear, there is no SharePoint Workspace product in SharePoint Workspace will function with SharePoint servers.

SkyDrive Pro will only sync document libraries. Hi, I have some questions: What is Folder Sync? On the forms disconnected from Sharepoint Workspace What software workspafe inherit?

Michael, if I’m simply wanting to keep copies of my documents locally and when I modify them, they are synced to Office Sharepoint, what MS Office software will allow me to do that?

Only the old SharePoint Workspaceor is there a new desktop client for Sharepoint that will accomplish the same thing? You can read more information sharrepoint the feature set on the SharePoint Blog: It’s been a while since anybody posted here.

But what does this update means? Thank you for the clarification! Hi I am little confused on this and have had mixed messages from Microsoft on this. Win 7 clients Sharepoimt thanks DT. There are a few complications: To find the most recent SharePoint Workspace hotfix approved for a cumulative update at some time in the future, use this search and look for the dates: The Sync option on the site will sync the active document library with SkyDrive Pro.

Créer un espace de travail dans SharePoint Workspace 2010

EXE processes, one for each application. These are different and can run concurrently. I hope this helps. If not, perhaps you could explain your issues in more detail? Many thanks DT Actually not on next sync but within 10mins or so. Modifié dwot vendredi 10 mai Unless Microsoft are about to launhc a new update to greatly expand the capacity and capability of Skydrive pro I will have to revert bback to and prevent any of my colleagues upgrading Any suggestions.

I would recommend at least these updates to use the two programs together: Description of the SharePoint Workspace hotfix package x86 Groove-x-none. February 12, http: